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Mayor Degollado highlights bright side of his three-year term

“I did everything I could,” declared Mayor Javier Degollado in his closing remarks for his third and final report on government activities under his watch, delivered Friday, September 14, in the absence of more than half of Chapala’s city councilors.

While acknowledging that he is ending his term of office with some goals still to be accomplished, Degollado stressed that he leaves behind lasting works and achievements, and other objectives to be continued by those following in his footsteps.     

pg11The annual Informe de Gobierno, held in the auditorium of the old town hall building, started nearly an hour behind schedule, lacking the legal quorum required for the programmed formal session of the cabildo (city council).

In addition to Degollado, members of the ruling body in attendance included Alberto Alcántar Medeles, Martha Maldonado Esqueda, Juan Carlos Pelayo Pelayo and Óscar España Ramos. The six no-shows were Paola Gómez Valencia, Arlette Romo Silva, Sagrario López Padilla, Alina González Castañeda, Juan de Dios García Velasco and Jorge Gómez Hernández.

After handing over a binder containing the written informe to Secretary General Miguel Angel Mendoza, the outgoing mayor stepped up to the podium for an ad lib speech. His words preceded a 25-minute video presentation outlining projects and labors undertaken by the administration’s various departments. The visual screening for the audience was briefly interrupted when someone inadvertently stumbled over the projector cable stretched across a side aisle to a wall outlet.

Afterwards the mayor returned to the mike to summarize key points, boasting that “this has been the best administration in many years.” He spoke proudly of street and highway improvement projects and enhanced public security, both backed with state and federal funding, along with the acquisition of land for a local University of Guadalajara campus, and the community’s booming tourist industry that has generated hundreds of employment opportunities. He also made special mention of private investment in the construction of six new hotels and two hospitals now in progress.

However, the informe brushed over the municipality’s pressing financial difficulties which will surely turn into significant hurdle inherited by the next administration.

Ending what amounted to a public farewell to constituents and loyal supporters, Degollado expressed profuse thanks across the board, recognizing members of his cabinet, low level city hall staffers, the expatriate community, friends and family who accompanied him on the three-year venture as Chapala’s chief executive that will end on September 30.

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