Last updateFri, 24 May 2019 4pm

Parking controls beefed up

Chapala’s traffic department is cranking up strict enforcement of parking regulations, taking action against motorists who leave vehicles in restricted places and residents who put obstacles in the street to save parking spots.

pg15aWith the crackdown currently focused on downtown Chapala, officers from Movilidad Municipal are prowling Avenida Madero and central side streets to prevent the double parking that causes constant congestion.

Over the past few weeks, the agency has recruited a towing service to haul away illegally parked cars and trucks, particularly those occupying spaces reserved for the handicapped. To recover their vehicles, owners have to appear before the municipal judge at police headquarters to pay towing fees and any penalties that may apply.

The Chapala government has announced a zero tolerance policy against so-called aparta-lugares, meaning persons who place chairs, buckets, cones or other objects in public streets to keep spaces free for their personal use, effective as of November 28. In addition, individuals who have obtained special permits for reserved parking will be required to apply for reauthorization from the municipal licensing office, contingent upon prior approval by Movilidad.

Local businesses are advised to avoid sending out delivery trucks to points on the main thoroughfares at peak traffic hours.

Enforcement may be extended to conflictive points in Ajijic, San Antonio and other towns without prior notice.

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