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Lakeside responds to virus fallout

Among the many locals suffering setbacks brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic are the students at Chapala’s Instituto Tecnológico Mario Molino (Chapala Tec), who aspire to train for professional careers.

pg2aMost are the offspring of parents who have lost jobs or normal business income over the past eight months, impacting their ability to cover the school’s tuition fees.

Responding to the situation, community philanthropist Harry Bublin teamed up with his close friend, the Chapala government’s Expat Liaison Héctor España, to start up a student aid fund-raising campaign. Contributions from the area’s foreign residents rolled in quickly, with Chapala Mayor Moisés Anaya, Jocotepec Mayor José Miguel and state legislator Jesús Cabrera likewise jumping on the bandwagon.

According to España, the goal of collecting the amount needed to cover the full cost of semester fees for 161 students was achieved in just ten days. The payout of 197,620 pesos was delivered to Chapala Tec Director Luis Eduardo Herrera Jiménez at a modest ceremony held Wednesday, November 25, in the school auditorium.

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