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Thieves target churches

Thursday, May 5, Chapala police officers promptly detained a man accused of stealing alms collection boxes from the sacristy of the San Francisco parish church.

The suspect, identified as Arturo “N”, 28, was collared on Avenida Madero a short distance from the church just minutes after the theft was reported to police headquarters. Officers recovered the stolen objects as they took the young man into custody.

In relation to a similar incident, the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office reports that two men will be put on trial for likewise perpetrating a robbery at another Chapala church this month.

Yahir Alejandro “G” and Víctor Alfonso “C” are charged with purportedly making away with 6,000 pesos after forcing open an alms box placed at the foot of a statue representing a Catholic religious figure.

The pair was tracked down and apprehended by state police officers at the intersection of Los Maestros and Isla del Presido in Chapala’s Colonia Gastronómica.

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