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Mexico assists in Texas flood rescue, cleanup

Despite the ever-souring relations between Mexico and the Trump administration, both the Mexican government and Red Cross Mexico have come to the aid the besieged citizens of Texas’ Gulf Coast, a region ravaged by Hurricane Harvey since it made landfall last Friday in Corpus Christi.

Meanwhile, for many of the affected area’s population of Mexican immigrants – some legal, some not – displacement and upheaval by flooding is compounded by anxiety and uncertainty as to how they’ll be treated by authorities while seeking assistance.

Wednesday, the Mexican Red Cross sent 33 volunteers from Mexico City to Houston, where they’ll provide aid to flood victims at shelters around the city for 20 days, after which a team of fresh volunteers will relieve them.


The Red Cross aid workers arrived shortly after Texas Governor Greg Abbott accepted the Mexican government’s offer of vehicles, boats, food and various other supplies.

While Trump hasn’t yet issued a statement with respect to the aid from the nation toward which he has maintained a belligerent stance since beginning his presidential campaign over a year ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed his gratitude for the assistance.

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