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Quake death toll rises to 343

As of Thursday, September 28, the death toll from the 7.1 Central Mexico earthquake of Tuesday, September 19, which had its epicenter 32 miles below the earth’s surface in the state of Puebla, had risen to 343 people, 204 of which were registered in the nation’s capital.

pg1cThe remainder of the deceased are shared by the states of Morelos (approx. 74), Puebla (approx. 45), the state of Mexico (approx. 13), Guerrero (approx. 6) and Oaxaca (one person).

The death toll from the Thursday, September 7 earthquake in southern Mexico, meanwhile, has stabilized at 98, with Oaxaca bearing the brunt with 78 deaths, and the states of Chiapas and Tabasco registering 14 and six, respectively.  However, the area still bears the ugly stamp of the earthquake’s wrath, with thousands remaining homeless and infrastructure in tatters.

In addition to the two big temblors, several smaller quakes were registered in Mexico since the 19th, the biggest being a 6.0 which hit the already besieged Oaxaca, Saturday, September 23.  Two women died of heart attacks during the event.  No other deaths – and no significant damage – were reported.

While monetary figures of damage estimates are necessarily unstable, the latest appraisal puts the amount at about two billion pesos for both earthquakes, including 750 million for schools, 550 million for homes and 440 million for various cultural sites.  Thousands of people remain homeless due to both seismic events, as well.

And while the poor inevitably have been more greatly effected by the disaster, mother nature spared nobody, especially in CDMX, where the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods – two of the city’s most desirable and stylish boroughs – were especially hard hit.

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