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Trump & AMLO: Could they hit it off?

Is it possible that Mexico’s next president can forge a good relationship with Donald Trump despite the pair’s diverging ideological positions on most matters?

pg2bDuring his campaign Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador railed against the U.S. president and his policies, calling his border wall “an affront against humanity,” and liking Trump’s comments about Mexicans to “the way the Nazis talked about the Jews.”

But since Sunday’s landslide victory, Lopez Obrador has tread delicately when quizzed about Trump and what the future holds.  He has been overly circumspect, declining to refer to the coarse broadsides the U.S. chief executive has repeatedly fired off against this country or mentioning the polemic border wall and who will/won’t pay for it.

And in the pair’s 30-minute telephone call on Monday – described by Trump as “a great conversation” – Lopez Obrador even suggested Mexico could “cut migration” to the United States, if more investment was forthcoming from the north to provide new jobs and economic opportunities for the poor.

For his part, Trump remarked that he believes the new Mexican leader can help the United States with its border issues, although he provided no specifics about how this might be accomplished.  According to the U.S. president, the conversation also touched on the possibility of a separate trade deal between the two countries should no agreement be found in the Nafta renegotiations.

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