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Obituary - April 30, 2016

Patsi Dunn

Patsi Dunn 85, died peacefully in her sleep on April 2, 2016. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dunn and her husband, Jerry, retired to Mexico 32 years ago.

The last 15 years Dunn lived in Puerto Corona on the south side of Lake Chapala. Her hobbies were gardening and playing Train (a dominos game) with her friends. She came to the north side of the lake once a week to get her hair done and have lunch with friends. The many friends she made here both liked and respected her. Said one: “Patsi was a true lady. She didn’t leave her house unless she was dressed to impress, makeup, big earrings, rings and bracelets.” Dunn is survived by two sisters who live in Louisiana. Her husband predeceased her.

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