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Puerto Vallarta journalist seriously wounded in knife attack

Doubts have been cast over the official story that Puerto Vallarta journalist Susana Carreño was a victim of a robbery, in an assault that occurred at the end of last week in the tourist resort.

pg5As of press time, 56-year-old Carreño, the director of the UdeG’s Radio Universidad station, was still in intensive care in the CMQ hospital after being stabbed in the chest and neck by unknown assailants on Friday, June 30. The surgeon who operated on Carreño said one of the knife wounds penetrated her jugular vein, but that following surgery, she was in “stable condition.”

According to a report by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office (FGR), Carreño and a companion were assaulted by several men while driving in the La Moderna neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta after completing a work assignment. After they were fleeced of their belongings, one of the assailants inexplicably stabbed Carreño on various occasions, before they took her Jeep and fled the scene. The vehicle was later found abandoned in a remote wooded spot.

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