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US, Mexican private sector pledges to promote better health

According to a study led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a part of the Global Health Initiative, the United States will lose 8.1 percent of its GDP by 2030 due to health deficiencies of adults of working age. 

The same study finds that Mexico will lose 5.9 percent of its GDP due to the same reason.

These findings were presented during an event entitled “Winning With Wellness” that saw the participation of the aforementioned chamber, American Chamber Mexico, and various players in the fields of both commerce and health in the state of Jalisco, including Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, head of the Jalisco Health Department.

“The discussion we [the panelists] had has made it very clear we have a huge responsibility to take actions that result in better health among the labor pool,” said Petersen.

In addition to the panel discussion, an agreement was signed between the two Chambers of Commerce, the four main objects of which are:

1) “Promote a permanent dialogue [on employee health] in the business community.” 2) “Advise public health institutions on information and indicators that may be useful for the advancement of effective public policy.” 3) “Encourage businesses to implement strategies that emphasize disease prevention for their workforce.” 4) “Position the health sector as the fulcrum for the economic and social development of North America.”

“We’re striving to make Guadalajara a ‘City of Health’, to have industry rise to the occasion by offering education at all levels,” said Carlos Rodriguez Zarate, president of the American Chamber of Guadalajara’s health committee.   

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