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Statewide emissions testing program restarts with minor changes

After a hiatus in 2017 for “adjustments,” the Jalisco emissions tests program (verification vehicular) kicks in this month with increased fines for transgressors.

pg5Although the state government promised major changes to the program, it remains basically the same as before.

Owners of privately registered Mexican-plated vehicles are obliged to get a smog check in the month corresponding to the last number on their license plates.

Vehicles with license plates ending in 1 should get tested at an authorized agency/garage (taller) in January. The sequence continues as such: February (2), March (3), April (4), May (5). There is a break in June and the program continues in July (6), August (7), September (8), October (9) and November (0).

All cars must get checked with the exception of 2017 and 2018 models, as well as hybrids.

It is permissible for car owners to have their vehicles tested earlier than the required months, should they wish.

The state Environment Secretariat (Semadet) says the program will “begin afresh” this year – meaning that owners of vehicles who failed to get a check and hologram/sticker last year will not be fined. However, as of February traffic cops will be primed to look out for vehicles with license plates that are not displaying up-to-date stickers.

As in the past, if an agent stops a vehicle not bearing  the required sticker, the owner will receive a ticket carrying a full fine of 2,250 pesos. The car owner is then granted a “20-day window” during which he/she must get his car tested.   To do this, they must go online to the Semov website and obtain a temporary circulation permit, which costs 750 pesos. If the verification is then done during the grace period, this sum is returned. Failure to get an emissions check in this window, however, results in a fine of 1,500 pesos, along with the loss of the 750 pesos paid earlier. Repeat offenders face further sanctions.

Emissions tests are carried out at 451 locations in Jalisco and carry a base fee of between 350 and 400 pesos. All major automobile  agencies perform the tests, as well as many large and medium-sized garage workshops.   Emissions test holograms must be displayed on car windscreens.

The program is statewide, although in the past traffic agents outside Guadalajara have rarely ticketed drivers for not displaying the holograms.  Those who drive into Guadalajara are strongly advised to get their vehicle tested.  Most towns outside Guadalajara, including Chapala, have one or two authorized garages that carry out the test and emit holograms. An easy-to-read map at http://verificacionvehicular.jalisco.gob.mx shows the locations of all the authorized locations in Jalisco.

Authorized garages in the lakeside area are: CHAPALA: Taller Mecanico Elfega, Zaragoza 375 (1344-9373 & 3820-2212).  JOCOTEPEC: Taller Zambrano, Vicente Guerrero 192 Poniente (387-763-2331). IXTLAHUACAN: Premier Auto Servicio, Carretera Guadalajara-Chapala 220 (376-762-0479).

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