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Cops charged with handing Italians over to local gang

New revelations continue to surface regarding the abduction of three Italian citizens, who vanished January 31 in the southern Jalisco municipality of Tecalitlan. 

pg2ddWhile most of these developments regard the alleged involvement – all but confirmed at this point – of local police, more details regarding the three kidnapped southern Europeans have also emerged.

Perhaps the most stunning revelation is the allegation that corrupt Tecalitlan police officers turned over the three Italians to local gang members for 1,000 pesos each, or about 43 euros.   

As of last week, the matter stood thusly: On February 1, Neapolitans Raffaele Russo, 60, his son Antonio, 25, and his nephew Vincenzo Cimmino, 29, were reported missing by Francesco Russo, another son of Raffaele.  According to Francesco — who together with another of Raffaele’s sons was in Mexico at the time but returned to Italy shortly after reporting his relatives missing — the last thing he heard from the trio was that they were being pulled over by municipal police on the highway.

Following the report, the state’s Attorney General’s office, led by Raul Sanchez Jimenez, suspended 33 Tecalitlan police officers and sent them to a state police training facility in Guadalajara for questioning.  Subsequently, four officers were formally detained, while the town’s chief of police, Hugo Enrique Martinez Muñiz, vanished into thin air following an aborted press conference.

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