Last updateFri, 22 Mar 2019 1pm

Uber to hike fares in Jalisco this month

While those living lakeside won’t be as affected by the following news as those residing in Guadalajara, it nonetheless bears mentioning that Uber, the controversial taxi service – a key player in the equally controversial “share economy” – will be raising its prices in Jalisco starting sometime this month.

The price hike, announced this past Monday, is being sold as a way for the company to enhance security and quality and increase the earnings of those making a living pimping out their vehicles vis-a-vis the San Francisco-based app.

“We’ve listened to our drivers and we understand that their cost of operation has gone up,” said Carlos Olivos, Uber’s communications director in Mexico.

In Guadalajara, the minimum fare for a ride will go up from 25 to 30 pesos, while in Puerto Vallarta, where taxi drivers have demonstrated vehement opposition to the service with acts of intimidation and violence towards Uber drivers, fares will increase from 35 to 41 pesos.

Jalisco has a total of 33,000 Uber drivers currently at its disposal.  That number, at least in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, won’t be going up, representatives say, until greater quality and security can be assured for both drivers and passengers. =-

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