Last updateFri, 22 Feb 2019 1pm

Alcohol use in Jalisco on the rise

According to a national survey, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Jalisco has gone up between 2011-2017 from 74 percent to 80 percent of the population. 

That number is significantly higher than the national average, which decreased in the same period, from 75 to 71 percent.

The group studied were persons age 12-65 who’ve admitted to having consumed alcohol in the last 12 months.

Per Luis Javier Robles Arellano, director of the state-run Addiction Disease Surveillance System, roughly five percent of the population in Jalisco have problems relating to alcohol addiction.

“In Jalisco we have the highest rate of daily consumption in the country,” asserted Robles Arellano, who qualified that statement by saying that other states have higher rates of alcohol abuse.

Another bureaucrat, Enrique Aceves Arce of Jalisco’s Center of Youth Integration, believes the rise of alcohol use in his state is due to an increase in its consumption among minors.

“The most important thing is that we continue with a campaign of prevention, which involves, above all else, the attention of  families,” said Aceves Arce.

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