Last updateSat, 15 Feb 2020 10am

State Congress makes initial move in bid to forge new constitution

The Jalisco State Congress has approved the first step in Governor Enrique Alfaro’s bid to create a new Constitution for Jalisco, one of his key campaign promises.

In a 31-7 vote, legislators approved rules to set up a “Constitutional Congress” (Constituyente).

The Constituyente will be comprised of 96 elected representatives from Jalisco’s 19 electoral districts, ten representatives chosen by the governor, ten by the State Congress and ten by the State Judiciary. In addition, the state’s indigenous communities will provide four representatives, and the Jalisco community abroad four.

Alfaro described legislators’ decision as “historic,” calling it the “first step for Jalisco in constructing a new social contract from the grass roots, including all Jaliscienses.”

Citizens Movement congressman Héctor Pizano said a new constitution would “reinforce the rule of law” and “modernize the protection of civil liberties and human rights.”

The measure now has to be approved by at least 63 of Jalisco’s 125 municipal councils. As of press time, 20 had voted in favor of creating the Congreso Constituyente.

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