Last updateFri, 19 Oct 2018 7am

Fading magic

Chatting over lunch with several old acquaintances last week, one of the ladies commented, “People who have lived here for a long time talk about how great it used to be.” The very next day we learned that Ajijic didn’t qualify for the Pueblo Mágico program.

Tracking Lake Chapala changes

Lake Chapala invariably changes appearance as months roll by, rising with rainfall that comes principally from June through October and dipping though the drier months that follow.

Political dreams versus legacy

Only time will tell how Javier Degollado will go down in history. He may be remembered as a local hero, or a despised villain, or perhaps forgotten altogether as brighter stars shine in the political firmament.

Crazy for corn

September is more than a time of patriotic hullabaloo. It is also the peak season to feast on the bounty of local corn farmers.