Last updateSat, 22 Jun 2019 1pm

Hallelujah, going green

We’re right on the cusp of a magical moment here on Lake Chapala’s shores. After just a couple of decent rain storms, the ground has softened and turned moist, ready for new growth to sprout.

Beating our plastic addiction

From a letter to the editor published in last week’s edition of this newspaper and postings on local social networks, we’re learning that there are immigrant residents in our midst who express concerns and even opposition regarding the impending ban on plastic bags written into state law.

Adios al Gordo

Gone at last is the nemesis of lakeside’s immigrant motorists. News is out that the reviled traffic cop widely known as El Gordo has been transferred from the regional branch of Movilidad Jalisco to a new post in Guadalajara.

Chilling out in brutal heat

Typical May weather seems to have kicked in with full force this year. Within a few hours of sunrise the heat becomes so intense that it’s a challenge to accomplish anything beyond absolutely essential daily tasks.

In sync with Semana Santa

The Easter vacation season is a hectic time in the Ribera de Chapala, but don’t expect the Easter Bunny to bop about hiding colored eggs and leaving baskets filled with jelly beans, marshmallow chickens and chocolates.

Requiem for dying traditions

The Lake Chapala area is rife with cultural activities, many revolving around religious celebrations that give foreign settlers insights into essential human values that make the community tick.