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Dodging driving hazards

I’ve long held the notion that driving in Mexico is somewhat akin to the behind-the-wheel simulators you find in game parlors or on video screens.

There is no Planet B!

There are days I wake up feeling dread that Mother Earth is doomed. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, human beings immersed in ignorance or blinded by greed have done a bang-up job of trashing the planet. Many scientists have warned that we’re fast approaching the point of no return.

September’s sweetest wild flowers

If there’s one little detail of Mexico’s mes patrio that rocks my world, it’s the seasonal appearance of la flor de Santa María, a perennial wild plant native to this part of the planet that is popularly used as an adornment for public places for the Independence Day holidays.

Hidalgo’s campout at Atequiza

Miguel Hidalgo, the father of Mexico’s emancipation from the Spanish throne, survived less than a year after calling for a popular uprising with the famed Grito de Independencia at dawn on September 16, 1810. Final chapters of his life are based on significant events that took place in and near Guadalajara.