Last updateFri, 17 Jan 2020 12pm

The cucurucho challenge

Consumer addiction to plastic bags and other disposable stuff is rapidly going out of fashion in many parts of Mexico. The current trend brings to mind the common shopping practices that were followed when I first put foot down at Lakeside in the early 1970’s.

Flaming Mexico stinks

Sure seems like a lot of people have become awful testy these days. Perhaps it can be chalked up to winter weather blues, or maybe attitudes of folks that haven’t quite adapted to the darker realities of living in this so-called south-of-the-border paradise.

Activate 2020 Vision

By a rough accounting, there are more than ten highly active lakeside-based Facebook groups operating with anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 followers or members. That’s not counting smaller focus groups, web boards and assorted websites.

Foreigners who spawned the birth of a nation

It’s been 500 years since Hernán Cortés and his band of Spanish Conquistadores set foot on the shores of a foreign land that would come to be known as México. Little did they know that their search for New World riches would lead to the birth of a nation.

Ho-Ho-Ho, Let it Snow!

As temperatures here at lakeside dipped significantly over the past week, I’ve found myself dreaming of a White Christmas. While such a frosty occurrence is highly unlikely, it is not an entirely outrageous possibility.

Explosive devotion to Guadalupe

The din of Ajijic’s fiestas patronales died down for a short span of three days before the quiet was once again ripped asunder by frequent explosions of the sky rockets that many inhabitants so deeply abhor.