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The e-mail dystopia

After examining about a week of my emails not long ago, I realized how far we’ve come from the lovely hand-written letters we wrote when we took pride in our communications and our “ovals.” 

Even though my handwriting looked like a series of partially deflated beach balls, clearly a dementia warning at seven years old.

It didn’t matter then so much what you said, as long as it was in cursive and you could sweep a capital T up into the air like a plumed hat and i’s and e’s were in full uniform. Hand inscription is all but gone now, because nobody can read it any longer, or wants to. Sadly, for future generations, centuries of hand-written sources in archives will be as understandable as crop circles.

That takes me to our current era of texting. Where written communications are not only gruff, but can get unhinged, as in ...

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