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Are you sure you are who you are?

“It’s the past that tells us who we are,” Stephen Hawking told a conference at Harvard years ago. “That’s where you get your identity.”

The coming era of introversion

Kaspersky Lab,  a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, has reported that 72 percent of people in Mexico admitted using their device to pretend to be busy and as a distraction for people when they do not want to interact with others.

Mexico declares war

Did you ever see such a headline? Did you ever imagine seeing such a headline? Well, it happened. Nothing to do with revolutions or cartels. Or even potholes.

Take two aspirins...

People at Lakeside are always talking about their physical complaints. But sometimes, if you hear somebody talking about soft tissue manipulation, lumbo-sacral massage, belly lifts, hormone therapy ... they’re just talking dirty.

Three score … and more

Just about every retiree in Ajijic knows what it’s like to hit 60.  It’s the milestone. And it’s like walking into that milestone. It hurts.