Last updateFri, 31 Jul 2020 1pm

Don’t blame your brain

My brain seems to be languishing these days, causing memory loss, mistakes and air-head misunderstandings, although I have not yet brushed my teeth with sunscreen.

The head-spinning medical wonders of the 21st century

Remember when drugs were Bufferin, Ludens, Pepto Bismol and Geritol? None embarrassed visitors who saw them hanging around your house. They were even suitable to mention at dinner conversations. Because they didn’t have anything to do with bladder leaks.

The Mexican diet: under-rated?

I don’t know what to eat anymore. Dietary science has gotten so complicated there should be an Bon Appetit hotline to check the latest versions of a healthful meal. 

Are you and your dog getting along?

If there is one thing that unites many here in Lakeside, it is dog-ownership and understanding dog behavior. Even those without dogs seem to have a certain natural affection for our furry companions, and an equal curiosity about how dogs cleverly pretend to think.