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How to cross the Carretera & remain alive

As everyone who has been to lakeside’s north shore knows, the Carretera is the only artery to thread through all the many small villages that surround the lake, and, as a result, is often choked with traffic, traffic signal breakdowns, cement trucks driven by former stunt drivers, and, recently, roadside excavations almost as deep as the potholes.

Ajijic’s poster wars

Remember when you stared curiously at a tag on your pillow or mattress that forbade you to remove it, or, in my case, dared me? To me as a teen-ager, it seemed just an innocent pillow.

Hello again, Jose?

If you think about all the people whose names you’ve forgotten, it can be quite embarrassing. Especially for the people you’ve forgotten, some of whom were once important people in your life.

You can’t beat the heat

If your body insists on nagging at you with a pain here and a pain there, you must try the thermal baths in San Juan Cosalá, specifically Balneario Spa & Thermal Bath, just by the shore.

Sneaking across the border in record number

This week will be the one-year anniversary of the Trump administration’s first deportations of aliens crossing into the United States from Mexico. But these immigrants were neither Mexicans nor Hispanics.

Why are Mexicans so happy?

Here’s an interesting thing: In last year’s annual survey on happiness, hope and economic optimism by the “Happy Planet Index,” Mexico came in 2nd place.