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An unheralded hero of Mexico’s Independence War

Shortly after Father Miguel Hidalgo launched the fight for Mexico’s independence from Spain in December 1810, he received a message from the priest of the small town of Ahualulco in Jalisco.

The best hikes from Guadalajara

Over the past months—with the collaboration of outdoor enthusiasts living in different parts of Mexico—I’ve listed some excellent hikes you can do from San Miguel de Allende, Monterrey and Queretaro, not to mention several really spectacular ones you can do inside Mexico City, without ever leaving town.

Charros & mariachi: a pleasing September artistic combo

For the past three decades, at the end of each summer, Guadalajara has hosted its famous International Mariachi and Charreria Festival, featuring grand concerts, recitals, fiestas and “Mexican rodeos”—with many events now taking place all around the state and not just in the metropolitan area.

Tiny tile mosaic honors city’s most celebrated benefactor

Guadalajara painter Jorge Monroy’s last two murals depicted the city’s most beloved public figure, Fray (Friar) Antonio Alcalde. So guess who is the subject of his most recent work, which has been transformed into his first outdoor mosaic?

The curious Great Wall of Pipes

Many years ago, while hiking through the Primavera Forest, I stumbled upon a strange sight that I quickly found myself calling “The Great Wall.”

Revisiting slavery in Mexico

Slavery has probably been around since the first humans appeared on Earth and has taken a wide variety of forms.