Last updateFri, 16 Feb 2018 7pm

La Manzanilla’s Crocodile Sanctuary: Bigger, better than ever

“Mexico’s biggest crocodile sanctuary is only 20 minutes from here,” I told my sister-in-law while relaxing on a balcony overlooking the beautiful bay of Cuastecomates, near Barra de Navidad. She opened one eye and gave me a glance that seemed to say, “A cocodrilario? Ah, yes, toothy monsters that never move a muscle, piled topsy-turvy behind a cyclone fence. Boooooring!”

Michoacan’s Water Folk: a disappearing way of life

“La Gente del Agua” by Dr. Eduardo Williams is a 416-page book, in Spanish, representing 20 years of study of the “fishers” – as he calls them to avoid gender prejudice – who live on the shores of lakes Cuitzeo and Pátzcuaro in Michoacán. 

Los Hervores: Jalisco’s forgotten spa

Nowadays every other renovated hacienda is advertised as a spa even though there may be no mineral-rich spring anywhere near it, and, of course, the rates for hotel/spas can be sky-high.