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The mysterious Piedras Bola: Where did these giant stone balls come from?

The Piedras Bola Silver Mine, located in the Sierra de Ameca, is named after a giant stone ball lying just outside its entrance. In 1967, the former superintendent of the mine, Ernest Gordon was shown five more huge stone balls in the hills above the mine, prompting him to place a telephone call to archaeologist Matthew Stirling in Washington DC.

The joys of senderismo

Senderos de México is an organization which catalogs, maintains and signposts trails (senderos) in Mexico. More than that, it promotes a concept called senderismo, a word I find almost impossible to translate into English.

Triple-Crown trekker tells her story

The most famous trail in the United States is the scenic Pacific Crest Trail, which stretches 4,270 kilometers from the Mexican border to Canada, passing through deserts, canyons, forests and mountains in California, Oregon and Washington.

Don Armando Barrera’s ceramic workshop

Lake Cajititlán is located 25 kilometers south of Guadalajara and 28 kilometers north of Chapala. There must be something special in the water because every community around this diminutive lake seems to be brimming with artists and artisans.