Last updateFri, 16 Feb 2018 7pm

Three of Mexico’s Christmas gifts to the world

What would Christmas be for most of us without the colorful touch of poinsettias, a feast centered around a juicy bird roasted to golden perfection and delighted indulgence in mouth-watering chocolate treats? All three of these holiday favorites, valued as treasures of Mexico’s natural bounty since pre-Hispanic times, are gifts that the country has since bestowed on the world.

Exploring city’s new ‘gastronomic corridor’

Upon an examination of Guadalajara’s newly minted “COME, Gastronomic Corridor” undertaken on three separate occasions, that sobriquet – applied by Mayor Enrique Alfaro and a consortium of local business owners to a stretch of Avenida Mexico sandwiched between two giant roundabouts – seems like a linguistic swindle, a coat of paint perfunctorily applied to a brothel outhouse.

Successful LA hair stylist returns home with peace of mind

Growing up in a traditional Mexican family in the small village of Tlachichilco on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Jose Juan Vazquez felt he couldn’t go after his true passion to become a hair and makeup artist because his father, Cirilo, wouldn’t have accepted it.