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Letters To The Editor - June 13, 2020

Dear Sir,

I almost never read Ed Tasca’s column, but I happened to read the one in the May 30 issue. He stated, “Donald Trump was declared the dumbest president ... per capita.

People were saying it.” Where did he get this information? In a recent article I read our president had the second highest IQ of any of our former presidents. I, and I know others, are upset with his demeaning attitude towards, probably the best president our country has ever had. What is your IQ, Ed?

Don Savon

Ed Tasca responds: 

Thank you for your letter. First, my IQ is irrelevant in this discussion – a Trumpian distraction because defense of his intelligence is unavailable. No one can know Trump’s intelligence level, given that his educational records, by his own orders, are strictly forbidden to the public.  He refuses to release them. What’s that tell you? If he is so smart, why the prohibition? Maybe it’s the same reason he hides his taxes. Embarrassment.

Intelligence is demonstrable though.  At least two of his former teachers have said he was one of the worst students they ever had. Several of his closest associates and allies, including the ghostwriter of “Art of the Deal” (who apologized for “putting lipstick on a pig”) and three of our finest generals have said he is totally incompetent and several called him a moron, an idiot and worse.   

Who doesn’t know that trade tariffs mean lost jobs and are paid for by U.S. consumers? What businessman ever had six bankruptcies, over a billion dollars in failed business deals over a decade and dozens of business indebtedness lawsuits? Who suggests that you inject yourself with Lysol?  Who believes the Revolutionary War army took over the British airports? Who declares that there are variations of the definition of “per capita”? Even Trump’s mother called him “an idiot.” QED. This is all on record and the tip of the iceberg.

Trump’s genius-level IQ claim is bogus. It comes from an article published by BeforeItsNews.com, a little-known blog that hypothesized that Trump’s IQ could be estimated based on his acceptance to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  At 156. The blog does not document or substantiate this arbitrary claim. Gwenda Blair’s book “The Trumps” stated Wharton’s admissions team knew Trump was from a wealthy New York family. And in the 1960s, it was much easier to get into Wharton, especially with big donations. What’s more, despite Trump becoming president, Wharton never mentions him nor has ever invited him back to the school for honors or commencement addresses as they do other alumni. There’s a reason, Wharton professor William T. Kelley famously said,.“Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had!”

According to the New York Times, and based on leaks from White House staff, it wasn’t that U.S. intelligence didn’t warn Trump of the impending seriousness of the coronavirus – it’s that Trump is a “low IQ Individual,” who cannot understand or pay attention to his briefings.

Claim: Undocumented Donald Trump IQ at 156. Universally accepted fact-checker, Snopes: This statement is false.