Last updateFri, 15 Mar 2019 3pm

Let's recognize every person and organization that has been nominated

Dear Sir:

We are sure that the objective of the Lakeside Community Awards Committee is to encourage enhancement of the quality of life at Lakeside by recognizing individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to such enhancement. We are equally certain that all those nominated by the Committee deserve to be recognized for their contributions. But while, according to the article about the awards in the January 14-20 Reporter, nominees in five categories "are unopposed and will not require votes to receive their awards," nominees in the other six categories are opposed, and they must compete against one another to garner votes. The article states that "this is the first time in several years that the winners in each category will be decided by public vote," although nominees in almost half of the categories are in fact exempted from that requirement. Will some nominees having to compete for votes enhance community life, or will that foster divisiveness instead?

Expat and Mexican communities should be on the same page

Dear Sir,

The letter by Daniel H. Houck in last week’s edition is written with such excellence and perspective, that without a doubt it should be translated verbatim and submitted to other local well-read newspapers so that both expat and Mexican communities have the opportunity to be on the same page.

Appreciation for the Chapala authorities

Dear Sir,

While extending my sincerest thoughts and feelings for Patty Kahr on the horrid experience of having lost her husband, I also wish to thank her for her most gracious “thank you’s” in last week’s Guadalajara Reporter.

A graffiti-free, safer Chapala

Dear Sir,

We are hearing daily now about the growing problem of crime lakeside and what the people and the government should do about it.  There is one direct cause of street and property crime that too many ignore because they do not see how important it is.

A happy ending

Dear Sir,

On the weekend I was on a bus trip to Zapotlanejo. The purpose of the trip was to explore the town and to shop in some of the stores. At noon we were picked up by the bus and taken to the San Marcos Plaza. Here we were given two hours to browse among the many fashions.  At one store I wanted to try on a blouse and was ushered into their change room. As usual it was a little snug (the blouse that is). After changing back into my own top I left the store with my other packages. I proceeded to the end of the plaza and was going to sit down and wait for the bus when I realized I had left my purse in the change room. Already about 20 minutes had passed. Frantically I started retracing my steps looking for the store again. I was almost there when a young gentleman came along obviously looking for me with my purse in hand.

Thank you Linda Fosse

Dear Sir,

We would like to thank Linda Fosse and her committee for all they have done, and continue to do, to make our community safe from the horrific crimes that have plagued us in recent weeks. Hopefully, the mayor, governor and police chief will take positive action, as they now understand our fears. If action is not taken, many people will leave this area for a safer home. This will be disastrous for this area, as millions of pesos will be lost and unemployment will be rampant.