Last updateFri, 19 Jan 2018 8am

Women set to displace men in city, state jobs

Judging from a spate of recent initiatives, a concerted effort is being made by city and state authorities to shift the gender equation of Guadalajara and Jalisco’s transportation and law enforcement sectors away from where they are now: almost exclusively dominated by men.

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Christmas charity

Guadalajara’s winter trailer colony – people from the city’s four trailer parks – combined their resources this week to put on a party for the 400 children of the Hospicio Cabañas orphanage.

Tunnel roll-over causes traffic chaos

Traffic backed up for several miles while firefighters took 16 hours to remove a propane gas truck that overturned this week in the tunnel at the busy Avenida Lopez Mateos/Periférico Sur junction. 

New public sculpture may be a feather in mayor’s hat

Last week, Guadalajara musician and artist Jose Fors revealed his new sculpture during a nighttime ceremony illuminated dramatically by Kleig lights and camera flashes. 

Young bullying victim in coma

A cause célèbre that has captured the attention of the Jalisco public is an incident of what is being called bullying against a 13-year-old Guadalajara boy named Wualberto, nicknamed Walas, who has been in a coma for several days after suffering blows to the head at the hands of one or more classmates.

New low-cost flight to Los Angeles

Discount Mexican airline Viva Aerobus launched daily direct flights between Guadalajara and Los Angeles, California, December 16.

City’s Jewish community asks for tolerance, peace

Guadalajara’s Jewish community last weekend marked Hanukkah with the Luces por la Paz (Lights for Peace) festival, held in the Capilla Tolsa of the Instituto Cultural Cabañas.