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Will FATCA be repealed?

Since I have been closely following the unfolding – and somewhat constantly shifting – tax policy of the Trump administration and the 115th Congress, I get asked often what will happen, if anything, to FATCA, the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.  

Guadalajara shooter stays in jail

Zia Zafar, the 31-year-old man charged with the attempted murder of a U.S. consular official in Guadalajara on January 6, will remain in jail pending trial, a federal judge in Virginia ruled last week.

Ireland meets Mexico in new fusion album based on fiddle player’s ‘unique’ experiences in both countries

When musician Catherine John arrived in Cuernavaca from San Francisco in 2008, she could hardly have imagined that her subsequent journey would lead eight years later to the release of ¡Fandango Bragh!, a fusion album she describes as an expression of her “unique Irish-Mexican identity.”