Last updateFri, 15 Mar 2019 3pm

Storm season precautions

Jalisco Civil Protection authorities list the following tips among its recommended rainy season precautions:

At home or in the office

• Prune overgrown trees and dead branches that may be vulnerable to storm damage.

• If property is located in danger zone for flooding or landslide, be prepared to evacuate   quickly during prolonged or extremely heavy downpours.

• Establish an emergency evacuation plan for family or co-workers.

• Keep on hand a working flashlight, supply of bottled water, non-perishable foods.

• Store personal IDs and other important documents in easily portable, waterproof package.

• If time allows during disaster, disconnect electrical and gas appliances and turn off power.

If caught outdoors in a storm

• Avoid crossing streams and flooded streets during downpours.

• Bypass wet areas near downed power lines.

• Never take refuge under trees during a thunderstorm.

If caught on the road during a severe storm

• Drive slowly, turn on headlights and avoid passing through spots under deep water.

• Pull off to the side and look for a safe parking place, away from sites located under trees, billboards and electrical lines that might fall. Avoid stopping on narrow roads, bridges or curves.

•In case of a break down, turn on emergency blinkers before abandoning the vehicle.

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