Last updateFri, 27 Mar 2020 10am

Lively harp fest draws full house

The Harps, Psalteries and More music festival, held on Tuesday, June 28 at Chapala’s Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo, attracted an enthusiastic full-house audience for more than eight hours of uninterrupted, unbridled song and dance.

Celebrations for San Juan Bautista

Traditional festivities honoring patron saint St. John the Bapitist will be in full swing this weekend in San Juan Cosala, continuing through Monday, June 24.

Benefit concert at Technical School

The Tecnologico Chapala (technical school) on the Libramiento will host a performance by the Orquesta Tipica de Autlan on Wednesday, June 19 to raise funds for students with limited economic resources.

Free danzon lessons in Ajijic

Learn the beautiful, romantic and sexy Cuban dance brought first to Veracruz in the 1870s and then spread throughout Mexico!

Donations needed for 'Maestros' fair

Organizers of the upcoming Feria Maestros del Arte are on the lookout for donations of Mexican folk art. They will set up shop at Can-Am Day at the Lake Chapala Society on July 2 to re-sell the donated art to help defray costs of the popular fair.

Curtain going down on Music Society?

The Music Appreciation Society (MAS) has held open community meetings to garner more support and even brought in new volunteers but President Kathleen Phelps believes the 25-year-old iconic Lakeside organization may still be forced to close.

Generally by this time of the year, about 65 tickets for the coming season have been sold, Phelps says. This year MAS has sold just 16.