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A midwesterner moves to Mexico - So Long, Farewell ...

I had planned on writing a nice, lengthy, last column worthy of the place I’ve had the pleasure of living in for the past two years.

But like so often happens, life doesn’t always go as planned. And that long, lengthy, worthy column remains somewhere in my head, buried under thoughts of, “Did I remember to pack my Kindle charger? What on earth should I do with all these spare pesos? Will I really need 12 pairs of white capris for the short summer season in Illinois?”

Rather than reflecting on the things I’ve loved and will miss about Mexico, my mind is mired in the minutia of leaving. What books to take, who to say good-bye to, what places to visit one last time.

One of the first columns I wrote here was entitled, “Finding the Familiar,” a post about discovering things that would make me feel at home in this foreign country where I didn’t speak the language but would live in for the next few years.

Two years later, and despite the fact that I still use my five-year-old grandson as a translator on a regular basis, Guadalajara feels so familiar and comfortable that I wonder if I’m avoiding thinking about leaving. Putting my energies instead into the acts of leaving.

Because, certainly, I’ll miss this place that so quickly and easily became home. Saying good-bye is just too hard.

Editor’s note: The Guadalajara Reporter would like to congratulate Jeanne Sathre for her exceptional contributions over the past two years and wishes her every success as she continues her writing journey.