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Qanat la Venta 2018 update: It won’t collapse, unless...

If you have a dog-eared copy of the very first version of my book “Outdoors in Western Mexico,” published in 1998, you will find a chapter – deleted in subsequent editions – dedicated to Qanat la Venta, a curious kind of underground aqueduct located ten kilometers west of Guadalajara.

On the trail of the amazing axolotl

I have the fortune of living close to an award-winning Mexican nature photographer who is becoming recognized – by prestigious organizations such as National Geographic – as one of the world’s great photojournalists.

La Cañada has it all: Montezuma cypresses, equines & cow milking classes

Many years ago I stumbled upon a hidden pool fed by a cold spring, the source of a bubbling stream of clear, clean water, all shaded by the most beautiful trees imaginable: enormous, stately, ancient Montezuma cypresses (sabinos in Spanish), but still popularly known by their name in Nahuatl, ahuehuetes (old men of the water).