Last updateFri, 15 Feb 2019 10am

A visit to the largest tree farm in Latin America

Bosque Urbano is a huge vivero (plant nursery) situated at the northeastern corner of Guadalajara’s Colomos Park and responsible for the planting of thousands of trees per week, all around the city.

A lost jogger’s tale of survival

On Saturday, March 31, Pedro Álvarez Icaza went out for a run in the woods bordering the rural community of Pinar de la Venta, located eight kilometers west of Guadalajara, and my home for many years.

Mexico’s first animal overpass in limbo

Large wild animals need space to roam, to find food and mates. Highways limit this space and can result in the slow “strangulation” of certain species, without mentioning the thousands of animals of all sizes that are killed simply trying to cross the road.

Isolated Jalisco ranch welcomes motivated foreign volunteers

Some years ago I wrote a manuscript for a book to be called “Teach Your Way Around the World,” based on my experiences as an itinerant English teacher, moving from country to country offering conversation classes and deriving great satisfaction from the experience.

Endangered species experts talk spiders in Guadalajara

Forty internationally recognized experts on trade in endangered flora and fauna gathered in Guadalajara last week for a four-day Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) workshop directed toward the plight of Mexican tarantulas.

New mural celebrates the advances of medicine

Guadalajara artist Jorge Monroy has completed another outstanding mural. Like his two previous works, this one is also located on the campus of the University of Guadalajara Medical School.