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Barra de Navidad & Melaque Journal - February 17, 2018

Free spay and neuter clinics

Calling all animal lovers. Cisco’s Amigos is sponsoring free spay and neuter clinics in Barra de Navidad and La Manzanilla.

Established in 2004 by Julie Wagner Schuetz, this organization brought 18 veterinarians and technicians from the Humane Society of the United States to La Manzanilla del Mar to provide medical attention for the local animals and education to

the community. Since its inception, Cisco’s Amigos has spayed and neutered over 5,000 cats and dogs as well as one raccoon. 


There are four parts to the Cisco’s Amigos philosophy: teach the local veterinarians the most up-to-date techniques available; provide animal health care free of charge; teach respect for all animals and the environment; and finally, to stamp out disease and the problem of overpopulation in Costalegre.

Area residents can help by volunteering their services at one of the upcoming clinics. There are many things to do and not all positions require experience.  A love for animals and a desire to help the community is enough.

La Manzanilla’s clinic will be held at the Casa Ejidal on Sunday, March 4 through Tuesday, March 6.  In Barra de Navidad, Friday, March 9 through Monday, March 12 on Avenida Nueva España 162, in the barrio. The clinics open each day at 8 a.m. and close around 7 p.m.

Volunteers are needed for:

  Front desk – requires patience and fluency in Spanish. Starts at 7:45 a.m.

  Front desk assistant – to aid with animal weighing

  Dog recovery monitoring – requires getting up and down from the floor

  Cat recovery monitoring – cats are up on tables, so much easier on the back

  Instrument washing

  Cage washing


  Flyer distribution


Food prep volunteers – need aquas frescas

  Assist with carrying dogs from surgery tables to recovery – strong back required

  Laundry – person with vehicle to take soiled laundry to laundry service and deliver back to clinic

  Dog holders – for the dogs that don’t require cages, a loving pat on the head and a soft voice is all that is needed

• Dinner – Mexican food needed for veterinarians’ dinners. Meals can be made ahead of time and frozen until the event.

Chief vet Yolanda Hermanzed has worked with Cisco’s Amigos since they began in 2004. Veterinarian David Lugo from Mexico City will be returning for the clinics and Condia Jhoana Rosas of the Yucatan will be joining for her first year.

Please spread the word and join in if you can. For further information or to sign up to assist, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CENAC fiesta

Following on the heels of its open house tomorrow, The Center for Arts and Culture (Cenac) has plans for a birthday party Sunday, March 11.


There will be music, an art demonstration and raffle by Efren Gonzales, games, food and drinks. 

To fulfill its vision of providing a great space for the arts in its community, CENAC has a substantial wish list:

• plastic or folding chairs

• a large screen for movies


• a large screen TV

• tables for classrooms

• a laptop

• a printer

• display cases for the art gallery

• display pedestals

• shelving

• monetary contributions to the building fund

Funds raised will help to tick off some of these items.  All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Come out to the birthday party and celebrate. Contact Jeanne McGee, VP Cenac at 315-355-5497 for more information.