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Creative freedom alive and well at Guadalajara zine shop, as long as it doesn’t hurt the underdog

“Learn to read art” embroidered on a handkerchief welcomes visitors at Ricos Jugos, Guadalajara’s local zine shop.

pg3aAs the name implies, “Good Juices” is also a juice shop that serves paninis and salads, on top of selling do-it-yourself magazines from a medley of artists. 

Also known as “fanzines,” these independently-published paperbacks are often political in nature, but always visual and mostly satirical. Like a novella that once served as publicity for punk shows, they deck the shelves at Ricos Jugos located on Calle Prisciliano Sánchez in Barrio Americana. 

One zine tries to reclaim the controversial image of Pepe the Frog that became synonymous with the Alternative Right movement over social media. On one page, he sits defeated smoking a cigarette with “wrongfully accused” written on the wall.

Across the room, framed illustrations cover the wall from top to bottom. Siamese twins joined at the neck sit perplexed on a wooden chair. Meanwhile, a hooded extraterrestrial pets a cat below clouded letters saying “Mi casa es toda la Universe.” 

In the middle are tables with white paper binding the surfaces, inviting patrons to draw. Cups of crayons and colored pencils lay scattered about as if it were a studio. Behind the counter where Bernie Sanders’ face adorns a stack of coffee mugs stands the owner of this undeniably quirky store, Aranza Pérez. 


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