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As virus lockdown eases, scientist offers evidence-based, practical tips

“In an area where there has been no testing, what am I supposed to do as the government relaxes the coronavirus social distancing restrictions?” muses a retired physician living at lakeside. The individual is going to have to make their own decisions, she predicts.

pg5a“Am I going to go to a movie theater? Out for a walk, even though I don’t have a dog? Meet friends at a bar and sit around without masks?”

Immunologist and blogger Erin Bromage apparently has some of the same questions, and some of the expertise necessary to answer them. As he is currently teaching a course in the Biology of Infectious Disease at University of Boston Dartmouth, focusing on the SARS-CoV2 outbreak in China, he compiled “The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them” to assist the public in down-to-earth language.

Dr. Bromage starts out with skepticism about the lifting of restrictions. “Many people are breathing some relief, and I’m not sure why.” Few areas show a consistent decline in infections and, even on the downside of the epidemic’s curve in China and Italy, “deaths persist for months.”  

But thorny social questions aside, Bromage focuses on practical tips for daily life, such as where people can get infected.

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