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Letters To The Editor - August 5, 2017

Dear Sir,

We returned recently to Ajijic from a long Bucket-List vacation.  Not a lot seems to have changed.  The traffic lights that were not working properly when we left are still the same.

We were looking forward to catching up with the news and we turned on CNN our “go-to-first TV news channel” and it was almost all about infighting in the White House.  Our second channel to switch to was MSNBC and they too were focused on dysfunction in the White House, as was Fox News, our third choice.  And so it has gone on every day to the point where we can hardly bare to turn on the news anymore. 

A messy White House is nothing new. Firing and replacing of staff is a White House tradition, but why is the press so totally obsessed by this one subject? 

Whatever happened to real ”news”?  ISIS?  North Korea? China? And how about what’s going on in North America and how about the serious turmoil in Venezuela that could rock countries to our south?

Anybody else fed up?

David Moss