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English-language book publisher in Mexico announces changes

Editorial Wisemaz, the only full-service English-language book publisher in Mexico, announces a reorganization designed to clarify the company’s mission and streamline sales and distribution in the United States and Canada.

A publisher of scholarly, literary and general interest books about Mexico, the company was founded in 2008 as Editorial Mazatlan, which became a part of Editorial Wisemaz in 2011. U.S. and Canadian sales and distribution have been handled through a separate U.S. company, also named Editorial Mazatlan.

Editorial Wisemaz is publishing as Montezuma Books. The company’s new U.S. affiliate is Montezuma Books, LLC.

The new company’s name better reflects Wisemaz’ commitment to providing works from and about Mexico and Central America, and will use the Montezuma Books imprint world-wide.

Montezuma Books is scheduled to publish three titles in the Fall/Winter season: two works of fiction and a biography. Guanajuato-based Sterling Bennett is following up his critically acclaimed historical novel, Playing For Pancho Villa, with a new work, set in 1900 Sonora during the Yaqui genocide.

New author T.E. Wilson’s “Mezcalero” is a thriller set on the Mexican Pacific coast.

Montezuma Books will also bring out a revised version of “Model American Abroad,” an out-of-print biography of Stirling Dickinson by John Virtue, a journalism professor and former Latin American correspondent and editor.

Dickinson was an American who moved to Mexico to pursue an art career and helped establish a renowned art school in San Miguel Allende. Dickinson also served briefly in the U.S. state department and as an intelligence officer.

Also scheduled for publication in the next year is the first-ever English translation of “The War Against the Gringos” by Heriberto Frias. Frias, a major figure in late 19th and early 20th century Mexican journalism and literature, wrote “The War Against the Gringos” for the popular press and presented a “patriotic Mexican” view of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.

In acquiring Montezuma Books, the principals of Editorial Wisemaz (Richard Grabman and John Kirsch) have partnered with “Mexico Mike” Nelson, and will be publishing his series of popular travel guides under the Mexico Mike imprint. Montezuma Books and Editorial Wisemaz are considering whether to add a third imprint, Tupac Books, for titles from and about South America.

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