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Avocado Club Restaurant: second story, first class

Avocado Club is a recent endeavor. But you’d think it had a longer, more charismatic history, based on its sophisticated and creative menu, which seems to demonstrate how to introduce curious new dishes and give standard entrees new flavors and textures.

Its location is second-story, steep stairs for those who consider such things. But once atop the building, there’s an immediate glow of sky and sun, a refreshing coolness and what seems like an eye-level view of the mountaintops. In only a few short months, Avocado Club has assembled a club of regulars, a temple for brunch. Something seldom mentioned about the charm of a restaurant are the friends and friendly faces who visit it. Expect that at AC. The company at meals makes a big difference.

The menu features dining adventures. And sometimes eating out should be an adventure, meaning daring to try interesting combinations of breakfast standards and luncheon specialties. With a good stiff drink or a gentle cocktail.  

For example, one of my companions had Baked Oysters Rockefeller, a pearly Aztec necklace of eight large oysters — neatly coated with a light cheese and bacon topping. And presented on a large platter like a party gift. As a second course, she had a cream cheese and salmon bagel with Hollandaise.  

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