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Huerto Cafe: Eating in a garden from the garden, the natural, yesteryear way

Huerto Cafe is a spotless little charmer aptly named, since it features an on-site organic garden of herbs and veggies, some of which will wind up in your salads.

A long nursery of plants, many newly fledged, in deep business-like pots, stretches back over a patch of garden alongside the restaurant. Some of the produce is for sale.  Huerto Cafe describes itself as Deli Agricultura Urbana, which you may translate as farm-fresh crops grown at the center of the city bustle. It’s Huerto Cafe’s notice of produce freshness.

Large industries call this vertical integration. Here, it’s just called “root, stem and leaf to your plate.” Not quite as exciting as choosing your own lobster, but a similar idea.

Just opposite the many-potted orchard, guests may consider the little art deco living/dining room setting at the front as you head toward the checkered table cloths inside. If unoccupied, it offers a long coffee table with sofa chairs furnishing a bright and spacious room by itself. It’s tastefully cozy and from another era. 

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