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Dining, drinking in Mexico’s capital

In the event you were contemplating a maiden voyage to Mexico’s capital, don’t let the above review put you off exploring its dining and drinking scene.

The metropolis is teeming with museums, parks, gorgeous architecture, galleries, assorted oddities and, yes, enough restaurants and bars to keep the booze and food hounds among you busy for years.  Having worked for over a decade as a bartender and waiter, I came to the city armed with copious recommendations from restaurant industry friends and acquaintances on where to eat and drink.  Here are a few:

Maximo Bistrot, in the desirable Roma neighborhood.  Known for a commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients. Tonala 133.  Open everyday except Monday.  Sunday is lunch only.

Jules Basement, a “speakeasy” in the Polanco neighborhood north of Bosque de Chapultepec.  Expect excellent cocktails in a strange, exotic subterranean setting.  Julio Verne 93.  Open every night except Sunday and Monday.

Baltra Bar, a bar for cocktail aficionados (read “nerds”) in the posh Condesa neighborhood. Iztaccihuatl 36D.  Open every night except Sunday.

Pujol, in Polanco, Mexico’s most famous fine-dining restaurant.  Make that reservation long before your arrival.  Tennyson 133.

Contramar, heaven on earth for seafood lovers, in Roma Norte.  Durango 200.  Open everyday, lunch only except Friday and Saturday, when they still close at just 8 p.m.

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