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Purple garlic gets a restaurant all of its own

A true Italian pizzeria is pretty much all about pizzas. Standards and specialty pizzas. And, of course, pizzas made to order.

Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers  in Ajijic has recently answered the call for a non-chain genuine pizzeria. And they’re asking the question, “How much do you love garlic?”

If you get high and giddy on garlic, this new venue is Fantasyland. The garlic is served up in several permutations, especially in the starters. And yes, purple garlic is an actual type of hard-head garlic like your regular garlic bulb. All the cloves are about the same size and tang. But many garlic aficionados claim the purple cousin to be richer and juicier in flavor.

Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers has set up a unique place whose specialty is Pizza Italiano. All their major ingredients are imported from Italy. And you can watch them hand toss the pizzas.

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