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Hot season eating tips

There’s a less welcome aspect of spring that sneaks in with Jalisco’s sunshine and heat.

Gastro-intestinal illnesses are the most common reason for seeking medical attention at this time of year. And the microbes that cause them thrive in the season’s warmer temperatures.

Last week, the Jalisco Health Department slapped a closure order on a chicken rotisserie outlet in Tlajomulco after more than 50 diners were recently taken ill. Tests showed that it was not the chicken that caused the problem, but E. coli found in the complimentary salsas (sauces) served at the restaurant.

In the past decade, independent studies performed by the University of Texas and the Jalisco Secretariat of Health (SSJ) have shown that half or more of salsa samples taken at Guadalajara eateries are routinely contaminated with a form of Escherchia coli (E. coli).

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