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Tax registration requirement for Mexican adults & foreign residents

The 2022 Ley de Ingresos passed at the end of 2021 obliges all residents of Mexico over 18 years of age, both national and foreign (temporary and permanent), to be registered with tax authorities.

The measure has two main goals, according to fiscal analysts: to try and incorporate more than 30 million Mexicans who work in the informal economy into the mainstream tax-paying economy, and to identify money laundering.

Foreign residents who undertake any kind of remunerable activity in Mexico should already have a tax number (RFC), but the new measures theoretically obliges everyone to get one, regardless of whether they earn income or not.

While the requirement is “obligatory” for all Mexicans and foreign residents, no one expects everyone to register immediately, especially since backlogs at tax offices (SAT)are anticipated. However, experts in the field say there are certain people who do not earn any income who should consider registering quickly. Among these are people buying and selling property in Mexico, opening new bank accounts, and, possibly, signing up as a new electricity or water utility customer.

This newspaper will provide more details on the requirement and how to register as a taxpayer in its upcoming edition.

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