Last updateSat, 15 Feb 2020 10am

State Medical Risks agency offical gunned down outside workplace

Ana Maria Pandura Gonzalez, an employee of the  Comision Para la Protección Contra Riesgos Sanitarios del Estado de Jalisco (Jalisco Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks or Coprisjal), was shot to death by an unknown assailant as she arrived for work in Colonia Jardines de los Arcos Wednesday morning.

Pandura Gonzalez was known to some members of the Chapala medical community, as she has visited the area on various occasions to advise doctors and others regarding new regulations governing the advertising of their services.

According to police reports, a pickup stopped outside the Coiprisjal office on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas moments after Pandura Gonzalez got out of her parked car.  A man wearing a baseball cap, blue shirt, white shorts and sneakers jumped out of the passenger seat, approached the official and fired four shots at point bank range into her chest.

Pandura Gonzalez, 50, was a lawyer who had worked for Coiprisjal for two decades. Her main role was to verify publicity in the health sector, including that of companies offering “miracle” healing products.

Colleagues of Pandura Gonzalez told reporters that she was not a conflictive person and had never been threatened before in the course of her work.

Coprisjal is a decentralized organ of (and supervised by) the Jalisco Secretariat of Health, and is responsible for regulating a variety of health related topics in the state, including food safety, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, organ transplants and environmental protection.

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