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First US person to have intersex registered on birth certificate to speak at Open Circle

When some hear the word “queer” passed around positively, they may wonder why an old-school pejorative is describing a member of the LGBT community — that is to say,  anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

pg13Often overlooked by both younger and older generations, though, is the longer acronym, LGBTQIA. With the QIA standing for queer, intersex and asexual, these letters are often the most overlooked. Throw in titles such as non-binary, cisgender or gender binary, and you may have yourself a new cultural lexicon. 

Here to dissect this terminology is Sara Keenan, the first U.S. person to have intersex issued on a birth certificate. For her upcoming lecture entitled “What is going on with sex and gender these days?” the Ajijic resident will discuss her international queer advocacy at the Lake Chapala Society’s Open Circle meeting on Sunday, November 17, 10:30 a.m.

Born genetically male with XY chromosomes and female anatomy, Keenan grew up in California being told that she was “100 percent girl,” despite physical signs proving otherwise. In reality, though, this was deception. Not until Keenan had gender realignment surgery under false pretexts did she learn the truth. 


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