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¡Qué vergüenza!

I’ve been picking up some disturbing scuttlebutt about foreigners behaving badly in our community, making me worry that a few “Ugly Gringos” may give all of us expats a bad name.

Definitive Disclaimer

While the Guadalajara Reporter strives to keep readers apprised of accurate news on current events, our writers often confront the foibles of journalism as an inexact science.

Spice up your life

Something has stuck in my mind since whiling away three days at this year’s Chili Cook-off. But first, a bit of personal history.  

What’s in a name?

Her name is Guadalupe, but everyone calls her Lupita. Jesús is better known as Chuy.  María del Refugio is called Cuca for short. José María goes by Chema. Dolores is known as Lola; for Eduardo it’s Lalo.