Last updateFri, 10 Aug 2018 3pm

Far from the sounds of silence

A couple of weeks ago an acquaintance sent an email asking: “Do you have the dates in November when Ajijic does its big celebration, including ten nights of rockets? I’ve never been here for that and I’d like to have a heads up of the dates.”

Head-scratching over the debate

While  NBC news anchor Lester Holt was fine tuning topics to pose for discussion at this week’s presidential debate, I buckled down to draw up my own list of pressing questions regarding the much anticipated Clinton-Trump face-off.

Informe memories as time marches on

Over two decades of covering the local news for this newspaper and 25 years of residence prior to the job, I’ve had the opportunity to watch 15 of Chapala’s presidentes municipales (mayors) come and go, each with his own distinctive personality and style of governance. 

Independence heroes on the home front

Miguel Hidalgo, known as the father of independent Mexico, survived less than a year after calling for a popular uprising with the famed Grito de Independencia at the dawn of September 16, 1810. Final chapters of his life are based on significant events that took place in and near Guadalajara.

Topes: The Curse of the Sleeping Policeman

September always makes me think of everything I love about Mexico: its fabulous foods, colorful fiesta traditions, amazing crafts and most of all, its ingenious and warm-hearted people.  But rather than share thoughts on those topics, a local government snafu inspires a tirade on one of the country’s most odious attributes: the tope.