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Filmmaker brings Indian art & philosophy to FIL

This year’s International Book Fair will give Mexicans their initial opportunity to know one of India’s foremost creative teachers, through four varied programs at the nine-day festival.

pg6The FIL will be “practically my first time in Mexico,” Benoy Behl explained, not counting a brief stop here as part of one of his trips to Latin America and the United States, including San Francisco, where he was involved in a project in the Asian Art Museum. 

More in the mold of academic than guru, but combining both strands along with that of creative artist, Behl has made hundreds of films, photos and books over his 43-year career, distilling the essence of the classical Indian experience and bringing it, often in eloquent English, to the world.

Besides all this, Behl is an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and meditation, which he considers an essential part of his message.

But “yoga is meditation,” he emphasized in a phone interview from the New Delhi airport as he set off for Guadalajara, explaining that the physical parts are better seen as steps “to help you harness the powers inside yourself,” specifically your inner goodness, he stipulated.


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