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Sampling ‘gourmex’ at Bobby’s La Terraza

I’d like to underscore two key dining appreciation issues for all Ajijic diners.

pg19First, how many of you know that our taste buds change as we age, and in our 60s and 70s, they may be half of what they were when we were younger. Also, they may not be as sensitive. This is the reason we don’t bring Tang to our get-togethers anymore. But the spices, chilies and salsas seem to be a Mexico plus, although some of the “spiciness” we experience here is not so much a taste as a pain signal.

Second, a time not long ago there was some question of whether Mexican food could be classified as cuisine. By the same kind of people who decide things like where your napkin ring should go. People nobody listens to. Today, there is an internationally recognized Mexican cuisine – what everybody likes to call authentic Mexican, and what I will call gourmex, because of its mix of so many culinary sensations from the country’s distinct and diverse areas. And they can be found in marvelous dishes at Bobby’s La Terraza. The venue opened not long ago at the west end of Ajijic, and has given us a new creative twist on authentic Mexican and its origins in traditional home-cooking. Bobby (Roberto) has been a restaurateur for over 30 years here in Ajijic, which gives him a unique authority on the subject of what is and can be new and exceptional in Mexican dining.

His menu has an interesting pre-Hispanic quality to it, but with a distinct modern culinary flair that offers something new and stimulating to the taste receptors of our senior population.


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