Last updateFri, 22 Jan 2021 1pm

Where to celebrate the Grito

Lakesiders have a number of options to celebrate Fiestas Patrias this weekend with special menus, Mexican music and dancing, fireworks and tequila.

Europe as waffles, crepes and omelets – a Grand Tour

Waffles, crepes, omelets, hash browns – pretty standard stuff, right?

Not at Mina La Antigua, a new dining sensation at Lakeside. All these breakfast and brunch favorites are spread across a menu of over a hundred and twenty variations. That’s 70 waffle treatments, 40 crepes, dulce and salado, and 17 variations of omelets. Even the hash-browns come in half-dozen styles, crispy or soft potato weaves with gorgeous toppings from sautéed mushrooms to bacon, cheeses and fried eggs. If that’s not enough, there are superb daily specials that aren’t on the menu. The vast menu also offers lunch plates, sandwiches and baguettes with all manner of cheese and lunchmeat fillings.

Samadhi Café: Haven for the beer-obsessed teutonophile

When your first opportunity to eat currywurst is inside a massive, drafty suburban shopping mall in Guadalajara, Mexico, you may find yourself meditating upon the un-predictable ways the strands of our complex human universe are interwoven. Also, reflections on the au courant issue of cultural appropriation may occur, being that this dish (an already-Frankenstein-esque German street food staple created by a Berliner housewife using local sausage, ketchup, and curry powder courtesy of British soldiers) is prepared by Mexicans in the tiny kitchen of a Mexican-owned business.